Asby Endowed School

Diary Dates

Some upcoming dates for your diary...


Date Time Event Venue
Monday 4th June 8.55m Summer 2 term starts Asby School
Tuesdays from 5th June 2.15pm Guitar lessons Asby School
Wednesday from 6th June 1.15pm Cricket with Jonathan Osbourne Asby School/Village Hall
Wednesday from 6th June 3.30pm After school cricket club Asby School/Village Hall
Thursdays from 7th June 1.15pm PE with Bianca Cousins Asby School/Village Hall
Wednesday 11th July 3.30pm Last after school cricket club Asby School
Friday 13th July All day Year 5 Maths & Science Trail Appleby Grammar School
Tuesday 17th July 11am Summer reading challenge Asby school
Tuesday 17th July  1.00pm Sports Day & Leavers Assembly Asby School
Wednesday 18th July All day End of Term Trip Maryport
Thursday 19th July 7.30pm Friends of AES End of Year Meal The Bridge, Kirkby Thore
Friday 20th July 2.30pm Break up for Summer Holidays Asby School





Day Time Event    Venue
Tuesday 12.15pm Recorder club Class 1
Thursday 12.30pm Sports Club

Asby School

Village Hall