Asby Endowed School

Global Cohesion Project – Ankoma

This is an exciting long term project and all the children in our school are involved. Through working with Asha Richardson who visited Ankoma School, we have learned about daily life and the challenges faced for children living in Ghana. We are in regular contact with each other, by writing and receiving letters from the children of Ankoma School.


Throughout the academic year we host various fundraising events for the appeal. Events so far have included a clothes collection, coffee morning and games board marathon. We are looking forward to the next stages of this project, when we will work closely with Asha to support the children of Ankoma in becoming more self-sufficient and having access to clean water, clothing and sustainable food supplies.


On 17th and 18th September 2018, 5 children from Ankoma visited Asby Endowed School.  Together we discovered Asby village, made pizzas, conducted science investigations, played cricket, used the computers and learnt some French.  


Visit to Asby Endowed School 17th & 18th September 2018