Asby Endowed School

Elite Swimming Gala

On 20 January, 5 children represented AES at the Elite Swimming Gala organised by Eden Valley Sports Partnership which was held at Appleby Pool. Ted, Herbie, Tiegan, Hollie and Darcey competed with some great results.

Ted - Y5/6 freestyle 2nd   Y5/6 back crawl 1st
Herbie - Y3/4 front crawl 1st back crawl 2nd
Hollie -Y5/6 front crawl 2nd back crawl 3rd
Darcey - Y5/6 front crawl 3rd breast stroke 3rd
Tiegan - Y5/6 front crawl 1st back crawl 1st
Y5/6 Relay - Ted, Tiegan, Hollie and Darcey 3rd