Asby Endowed School


Class 2 have spent a long time preparing their U.Dance routine which they  performed on Friday 18th March at the Sands Centre at Carlisle. This was in front of a very large audience with over five hundred people watching and 18 schools of varying ages took part.


They put together their own routine with Mrs Elstone and her daughter Meg, to the events of The Iliad and The Odyssey from the Ancient Greeks. They also made their own costumes in Art with Mrs Heron. Class 2 have been focusing on Ancient Greece as their topic so this has been linked across the curriculum. The dance routine tells the story of Odysseus and his sailors and some of their encounters.


The journey of the props and costumes consisted of making their own t-shirts, sashes and flower wrist bands. They tie dyed their own t-shirts and sashes and carefully added extra detail by painting, sewing and stitching with the help from Carol Marston. For the props the children painted a Trojan Horse, a god's eye and a spear.