Asby Endowed School

Year 5&6 Science Workshop

Today the year 5 and 6 children from Asby and Crosby Ravensworth Schools went to Ullswater Community College to take part in a Science workshop led by Mr Ford. The children had two competitions to complete one of which was a ‘space explorers’ activity, where the children had to land an alien which was an egg onto a new planet. The children had great fun naming their eggs! They had to design a landing mechanism only using the materials that were provided, to allow their alien to land safely.


The second activity was an alien plant investigation where they had to take out the DNA from an alien strawberry. Certificates were presented to the children who proved they could work as a team and carry out their investigations safely and accurately. Adam, Hollie and Ted were awarded a certificate along with Tiegan’s group.


This was a great opportunity for the children to go to a different secondary school other than those on their doorstep and to work with children from another school.