Asby Endowed School

COVID 19 - Coronavirus updates

We would like to assure parents that the school is following the government’s advice closely with regard to this major public health issue. The local education authority has now set up a task force to support schools in their decision making and is in regular communication as the situation continues to develop on a day to day basis. The well-being of both the school community and of the community at large will always be our top priority.  The primary source of information for anyone with health concerns is .


From Monday, 29th June, the school will be reopening.  Please click on the links below for further information.


If you have specific schooling concerns which you would like to discuss, please contact myself directly.


Mrs Michelle Clark


As we move into this period of uncertainty, many children maybe be anixous about what lays ahead.  Below are some tips for parents on dealing with self-isolation, anxiety and keeping happy.