Asby Endowed School

Home Learning Computing & Music

Computing:  18th - 22nd May


Class 1 computing

Before school closed, we started using ‘Word’ to write stories on.  This week I’d like you to use’ Word’ again to type.  You could write a diary entry, a story a poem … anything you like.  You can copy something from a book if that is easier for you. Remember capital letters at the start of sentences and full-stops at the end.  Typing rules:

  • No space before a full stop or comma
  • One space after a comma
  • Two spaces after a full stop
  • Only one space between words


Class 2 - Year 5 & 6

VEXcode Project (PART 2)

Following on from lesson 1 last week, here is lesson 2.

This video tells you what to do: 


Class 2 - Year 3 & 4

Your computing work for this week is part of your science home learning.



Music:  18th - 22nd May

Class 1

What are Duration and Tempo?

Watch and read: 


Class 2

What is composition?

Watch and read:

Download ‘Musescore’ and begin to compose your own piece of music.