Asby Endowed School

Asby School Values Art Workshop

As a school, the children have created a list of words that are the values we should all aspire to at Asby Endowed School:


  • kindness
  • big dreams
  • love
  • happy
  • hard working
  • liberty
  • determination
  • democracy
  • helpfulness
  • focus
  • resilience
  • tolerance
  • faith
  • trust
  • respect
  • rule of law


These are combined to say “Your vibe attracts your tribe!”


Yesterday, Andi from NISCU came in for an art workshop to create a banner showing all of these values. She took inspiration from Psalm 1 and the artist Hannah Dunnett to design a banner for the children to finish with hot wax and inks. Everyone also added a heart to the tree. The final piece is now on display in our entrance hall.


Whilst waiting for their turn to work on the banner, the children painted their own water colour versions of the picture. Then they chose some of the values to add to their pictures.