Asby Endowed School

Busy Bush Craft

The children have had a busy day of Bush Craft with David Corrie. They started by setting up a workshop and a kitchen area.


In the morning, Class 2 used saws, files and whittling tools to make mallets and whistles. Some of them learned how to light a fire in a Kelly kettle to make everyone a hot drink. They also learned about charcoal and how to brand their wood. 


In the afternoon, Class 1 joined in the fun. They buddied with a child from Class 2 to make their own mallets. It was wonderful to see the children working together and learning from each other.


A group of children also helped Dave make two new benches for the school. They had to shape the top and make and fit the legs. There were plenty of volunteers to test them!


As a treat drop scones and flat breads were made and cooked on a griddle over a fire. Everyone thought they were delicious.