Asby Endowed School

Day One at Hawse End

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Law and five Year 5 and 6 children departed for Hawse End. Along with children and adults from Bolton and Crosby Ravensworth, we traveled along the A66 and arrived at around 10:30. We had a brief orientation talk and walk to get to know our surroundings, before taking part in a half-an-hour long orienteering session. At the end of this, we all felt settled and used to our new surroundings! 


Once we had eaten our packed lunches in the common room, we split off into two groups of 11 and 12; two of our children are in Group 1 with Mrs. Law and the other three are in Group 2 with Mr. Davis. 


Group 1 children went Ghyll scrambling! They got off the bus and promptly entered the water at the bottom of the stream. Following this, they walked up the river to a waterfall, where they took part in a challenge to put their heads underneath the waterfall - both children took part in this with varying levels of enthusiasm. After the challenge, the children waded (and swam) through some deep water. They were all soaked at the end of this but spirits were high! 


Group 2 stayed on the banks of Derwent Water, where they took part in a canoeing activity. We split off into two sets of canoes and tied them together to make two rafts. After this, we had a chance to practice our skills in the water before paddling along the lake to an inlet. Here, we played games, including tag and 'catch the paddle'. We eventually paddled back to the starting point, returned to the lodge and - most importantly - warmed ourselves up. 


We have only had one meal so far but the children have all demolished their spaghetti bolognese. Tomorrow, we look forward to walking up Catbells as well as ghyll scrambling for Group 2 and canoeing for Group 1.