Asby Endowed School

Sports Afternoon & Leavers Assembly

On Thursday 11th July, family and friends joined the children to participate in our sports afternoon and leavers assembly.  


The afternoon started with the children being put into 3 teams with the Year 6 as leaders.  Each team had to complete 12 tasks including football dribbling, netball shooting,  javelin throwing and hurdles.  They earned points and the winning team was Herbie, Braedon, Ella, Max, Thomas, Isaac.  Well done to everyone!


This was followed by Class 2 giving a brass recital.  They played 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and the 'Star Wars' theme.


The Year 6 leavers assembly followed.  We said goodbye and good luck to Herbie, Sarah and Oleina.  We also said goodbye and a massive thank to Mrs Smith as moves back to Long Marton School full time.