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Are you Home Educating?

Have you considered Flexi-Schooling?

Could this improve your child's social skills and education?

Would your child benefit from part of their curriculum being taught

in a small family-centred school with a rural setting?


We offer flexi-schooling

for year groups Reception to Year 6.


We firmly believe and fully support a parent’ and carer's right to choose to

Electively Home-Educate (EHE) their child or children.


Electing to Home Educate is a bold step for any family, it is a decision not taken lightly or without good cause. The families who choose to move to the Flexi-Schooling model do so for a huge variety of reasons.

Flexi- schooling is not a part-time education, it is recognised as being a form of full-time education delivered in a hybrid format of both school attendance and Elective Home Education.


If you want to know more, please get in touch.


Flexi-school Core Days - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Four or Five day places are also available



For further details, contact us: 


Headteacher - Michelle Clark

Telephone: 017683 51154