Asby Endowed School

Our Village

Photographs taken by pupils for the 2024 Great Asby calendar competition

Great Asby is a small village in the Eden Valley in Cumbria. Asby Endowed School is situated within the village.


Great Asby is found approximately 5 miles South of Appleby. The name Great Asby probably derives its name from askrthe Norse for Ash and by farm or settlement.


Great Asby lies either side of Asby Gill. The Gill is dry during summer months and some winter months, filling when there has been heavy rain fall. Below the church is St. Helen's well, which is actually a spring of fresh water that flows vigorously all year even during drought conditions. The water from the well is said to have healing properties.


The church of St. Peter which is in the centre of the village was built in 1863. The site used to build the church had a previous church recorded in 1160. The church is built on the village green. It has a two bell tower.


The other two important buildings in the village are: the Old Rectory which had a 14th century Pele Tower and is now a private dwelling; and Asby Hall, built in 1694. Lady Anne Clifford stayed in the rectory during a storm in 1670. As a thank you gift she gave a lock to the rectory.