Asby Endowed School

Vision and Values

'There is a clear sense of direction and purpose at the school.' 

Parent & Carers Questionnaire January 2023

Vision Statement

Our School Vision statement is one where parents, staff, governors and the community work together to provide the best possible education for all children in a secure, happy and stimulating environment.


School Values

We aim to prepare each child to live confidently in a multicultural society through our school values of:


  • Openness – we welcome pupils and staff of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.  We teach our pupils to ask the right questions and speak up.
  • Compassion – we help others in times of need and think about how our actions affect people around us.  We care about and look after the environment and reflect on how we can help our community.
  • Pride – we care about learning to become a fulfilled citizen.  We look after ourselves and others whilst setting ourselves goals to aim for.  We also take pride in being part of Team Asby!
  • Achievement – we aim to create a better future for individuals through our bespoke educational curriculum (in line with the National Curriculum).  We offer opportunities to find areas of interest through visits, classroom work and specialist speakers.
  • Innovation – we encourage growth through outdoor education, to instil an understanding of wellness and sustainability awareness in all aspects of everyday life  Our flexi-schooling program allow pupils to have a balance of home and school-based education.
  • Courage – we promote healthy self-esteem and personal strength through team activities and allowing individual expression, equipping pupils with confidence to make a difference in the wider world.