Asby Endowed School

School Tour

Join us for a quick tour of the school, inside and out ....


Main Entrance

This is the front of the school, seen from just inside the gates. The front play area can be seen to the right of the picture, just behind the wooden fence. The main entrance to the school, which the children use in the mornings, is at the rear of the building.



Front Play Area

This play area is located to the front of the school, near the main entrance. Situated in a purpose-built shelter, this area provides the younger children with somewhere to play outdoors, while being protected from either sun or rain. The front play area is used primarily by children in Class 1.



Class 1

Class 1 is where the Reception and Key Stage 1 children in the school will spend the majority of their time.

This room has its own interactive whiteboard.



Class 2

Class 2 is the main classroom for Key Stage 2 children; this is where most of the lessons for children in Years 3-6 take place. This room has a large interactive whiteboard, and is home to the recently replenished school library. Full school registrations and personal development time (assemblies) are held in Class 2, and this is also where the children from both classes gather to eat lunch.  Special events such as coffee mornings will also often take place here, giving members of the community a chance to come and meet the children and staff.





The school has a large playground to the rear of the building, which is used by the children during break and lunch times. It is also used for outdoor activities such as PE. The playground is well equipped with Playdale equipment, such as climbing nets, tyres and bridges, which the children enjoy using during breaks and lunchtime. The playground is also often used whenever the school hosts any open days or outdoor events.



Playing Field

Located at the very rear of the school grounds, the playing field is well maintained, and is used not just for PE and games, but also for a variety of outdoor events hosted by the school. A time capsule was also buried here by the children in the not too distant past, to be unearthed at some point by future generations.