Asby Endowed School

Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education, including RSHE

We want our children to become active and responsible citizens in later life and provide a structured programme through the ‘SEAL’ curriculum that allows them to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to support this. To further promote this we have an enthusiastic school council who initiate and lead events which includes fundraising for charities of their choice.


Other areas of the curriculum, such as Science and PE, and opportunities that we provide both in and out of school also contribute to this area. 


Relationships, Health and Sex Education

Through the Personal Social and Health Education and science curriculum your child will learn about their bodies, relationships and keeping healthy.


In Year 6 your child will be taught a series of lessons to link with changes they are soon to encounter in their new school as well as within their own bodies. For these lessons we link with cluster schools and use the school nurses to deliver these sessions. We use a selection of DVD’s and books to support and supplement the programme. You are informed at the start of the topic and are given the opportunity to discuss the programme if you wish. You have the right to withdraw your child from sex education.

PSHE Knowledge Progression