Asby Endowed School

Woodland Trust Tree Awards - GOLD

We are delighted to celebrate all of the hard work the children have put into achieving our Green Trees School Gold Award. The children have worked incredibly hard, giving up their own time to gain the award during after school club sessions. The after school club is very well attended and all children in the school have attended these sessions, working towards achieving this award.


The children from Reception to Year Six have worked hard completing a range of activities including woodland art, wellbeing activities and learning about woodland in Shakespeare. They have enjoyed their work so much they are keen to take on the challenge of achieving the platinum award, which we feel is no easy feat!


The award has helped the school environment by being more mindful about our recycling and carbon footprint. As a school we are dedicated to educating children about how to look after our environment and learning about the benefits of nature. We are lucky to have a beautiful setting in the countryside and we need to look after our surroundings so it can be preserved for future generations.