Asby Endowed School

Dales Countryside Museum

The children had a fantastic time today at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.  Class 1 have been learning about houses and homes this half term, whilst Class 2 have been studying WW11.  Both these topics were brought to life today at Hawes.  After learning about food rationing, the children were challenged to make sandwiches, using fillings that would have been offered to the evacuees who arrived at Hawes during WW11.  Banana and chocolate substitutes were used, as well as fish paste and spam.  Some fillings were more popular than others!


The children then spent time in the museum, which tells the story of the people who have lived and worked in the Yorkshire Dales for over 1,000 years. Class 1 children saw how homes have changed over the years. 


The afternoon was spent making butter and cheese. The children were then treated to ‘cheese tasting’, which proved popular with the adults too!


Thank you to Jane Sammells, food historian, for providing a great hands-on, interactive day.